Invisible Grille

Invisible Grilles for Balconies (With and Without Roofs)


Invisible Grilles are very commonly installed at the balconies. After all, this is the place of your house that has an open space, overlooking the view and where children love to play at. This is perhaps the most common reason why invisible grilles are commonly installed at balconies.
If your balcony has a roof, the invisible grille will be laid in the form of vertical lines. This ensures unobstructed views whilst providing maximum safety to you and your family

2) UNCOVERED ROOF BALCONY (without roof)

Do you have a balcony without a roof? Even if you do, and still wish to enjoy the having invisible grilles, do not worry.
We will build an anti-rust structure top down, this structure is highly durable, and will be able to hold your invisible grilles. This way, you still are able to enjoy the benefits of having invisible grilles without compromising on your scenery, and of course, safety for your and your family.

Fixed Grille

The simplest and recommended invisible grille!


  1. Horizontal layout – Grilles are secured left to right
  2. Vertical layout – Grilles are secured top to bottom

Structurally, both designs are similar, the only difference is design preference. We, however will recommend a ‘4 inch gap’ as it is fixed with a bigger gap and will be easier to clean your windows.

Fixed Casement (Non-openable Design)


Similar to the ‘Fixed Invisible Grille’ design, this design comes with a fixed frame and definitely looks more aesthetically attractive compared to the ‘Fixed Invisible Grille’ design.

Because of this, more material is required of course, resulting in a slightly higher cost due to the unique frame required.

Casement Grille


This popular design is built in such a way that allows your window to be opened Left or Right, just like your usual windows without any restrictions.

The material also makes use of 316 stainless stain wires that can withstand at least 180kg of weight. Tested and proven.

Sliding Invisible Grille

Highly Recommended!
Sliding Invisible Grille is the most popular design. Easy and simplest to handle, whist still providing top notch safety. It’s easy to see why this design is preferred by many

Images Coming Soon!


A New style!
Depending on individual preference, and whether sliding or blind fold.

Also, hugely depends on the design of your house

Images Coming Soon

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