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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any warranty provided?

Yes there is warranty provided for Invisible Grilles installation. We provide a 5 year warranty. It covers unlikely scenarios where: cables are loosened, wire coatings rust, wire coatings are discolored. Do contact us here if you discover any abnormalizes.

Is Invisible Grilles Safe

Yes, all our Invisible Grilles have been tested and certified by Setsco as seen here
Our grilles are also made with quality materials are also proven to withstand 189KG tension

How long do Invisible Grilles take for installation

Installation for Invisible Grilles defers depending on area/requirements. For more accurate estimation & timeline, please contact us here.

How big is the gap/spacing between the Invisible Grilles wire rope?

The standard gap between the invisible grille’s wire ropes is 3-4 inches, made for regular use for families with children or the elderly. 1.5-2 inch gaps are normally used for homes with pets. Check out this article for more information for invisible grilles for cats.

How much does the invisible grille cost?

Invisible Grilles pricing varies depending on your dimensions and area size. Please contact us to get a quote.

Can invisible grille be opened?

Elelaurels offers fixed and openable invisible grilles, on top of sliding and casement invisible grilles. There is something for everyone, so do not hesitate to contact us for consultation!

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