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HDB Painting Services

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Why Elelaurels?

  • Up to 2 Years Paint Warranty
  • Professional Service
  • Trustworthy
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Affordable
  • Highly Recommended
  • Fast Response
  • Great customer service, and after sales service

We Specialise In:

  • HDB Painting Services
  • Condo Painting Services
  • Landed Property Painting Services
  • Commercial / Office Painting Services

**All prices quoted are inclusive of paints and workmanship.*

HDB painting services:

Renovating? Or simply want your HDB flat to look nice and feel fresh without the hassle of painting or clean the place once you are done? Well, using a professional HDB painting services company might be the best for you, At Elelaurels, offer one of the cheapest painting services Singapore has, with top quality workmanship, and high quality paint!

Speak with our professional painting consultants today, and allow us to help you solve all the problems you will get if you were to paint yourself without any experience or preparations.

HDB Painting Services

Combating the myths of expensive costs of engaging HDB painting services, not all are highly priced!
At Elelaurels, we offer some of the lowest rates in Singapore, by offering some of the cheapest painting services Singapore offers.

On the contrary, it can sometimes even cost less than doing it yourself, while at the same time it won’t take as long due to the fact the painting crew will usually be well trained to complete the painting process within a short period of time.

Moreover, engaging a professional HDB Painting services company like Elelaurels will guarantee the job is done without any issues, and will always professionally advise you on the most suitable products for your requirements.

You do not have to worry about you furniture to be damage or out of place as the crew will always ensure nothing is damaged during the painting process and will move back any furniture that has been moved during the painting process, these few reason to use HDB painting service companies

Why Elelaurels?

We at Elelaurels prides ourselves on putting our customers first, and will always give good advice to better benefit our customers.

Our service are also very affordable, and we are so confident in our workmanship, we provide warranties too! Making us one of the cheapest painting services Singapore has to provide, we also do not hide any additional cost and anything you asked for will be fixed and will never over change.

Our painting crew is also well trained and has a vast knowledge of painting different types of environments. years of experience and quick to response when it comes to painting services for you and your loved ones, with our crew they will bring in the required equipment and the paint you have asked for, our painting crew will also ensure your furniture or power sockets will not be damage by paints.

Elelaurels is not only a reputable company that is highly recommended by our customers, we are also known for our reliable customer services and after job services. If anything is not up to your standard, we will be more than happy to rectify it.

Contact us today, and find out why one of the cheapest painting services Singapore has!

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