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Invisible Grilles for Cats

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We love our fluffy felines just as much as you, and we all know that cats have an uncanny obsession with perching at the open window. They probably know what they are doing but it gives worry-wart owners like us a heart attack. We have a solution to ease the worries of cat owners, and ensure the safety of all kitties. Introducing the invisible grille for cats!

The invisible grille is a set of thin metal wires installed at open areas to form a safety barrier for elderly, children, and pets. In this case, the invisible grille for cats is exactly like an ordinary invisible grille provided by Elelaurels but customized with a much thinner gap so cats are prevented from squeezing through. Cats are treated to the breeze, a nice scenery, birds flying past, all within the safety of the home! If this piques your interest already, click on the Elelaurels’ link above for more info and get a free quote. If you are still on the fence, read on.

This is your ultimate guide to cats, windowsills, and invisible grilles for cats! Also, scroll right to the bottom for information on our invisible grille prices – invisible grille price Singapore.

1. Cats’ window behaviour

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Why cats are drawn to windows - invisible grille for cats

The window is a doorway to the outside world that is put on an elevated platform. Cats love windows and for a large variety of reasons.

  • It’s high up – Cats prefer to observe things from a high vantage point due to their wild instincts. It makes them feel safe.
  • It provides a good view – A window is the perfect place to observe the home and its exterior at the same time. Cats can get really protective of their territory and need to prowl or keep an eye out of everything at all times.
  • Stuff outside captures their attention – Birds, Cars, Trees, etc. Especially when cat owners are sleeping or away from home.
  • It’s a good basking spot during the day

Now we know why cats are so drawn to windows. But why should we worry if cats are always perched at the window sill?

“High-Rise Syndrome” - invisible grille for cats

Opening windows is a natural act every single morning. It lets the breeze in and natural warm sunlight lights up the room so the day can begin. But doing so can potentially cause your cat more harm than good. Especially if you do not reside on the ground floor.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) notes that cats’ instincts make them vulnerable to falling out of high-rise windows, and other high perches. Thus, potentially bringing great injury to themselves. The popular belief that “cats always land on their feet” had been taken greatly out of context.

Cats have the unique ability to instinctively use their tail for balance, twist their bodies, and stretch out their feet ‘paws down’ so that they land safely when they fall from certain heights. You often see videos of cat owners boasting about this by picking up their cats, holding them at chest height, and dropping them safely. This simply does not compare to heights from the 2nd storey upwards.

2nd – 3rd floors are just as dangerous as higher floors
Compared to falling from greater heights, cats might not have enough time to position themselves to fall safely from lower levels. Also, some cats are not as instinctive as others when it comes to catching prey and athletics. What if your cat doesn’t have the reflexes to position themselves to fall safely?

Cats are not squirrels
Squirrels (even non-flying squirrels) spread out their front and back legs when falling to create a makeshift parachute so that they can literally fall from any height and survive. Cats do not have this!

A cat can possibly survive falling from a high perch. But the cat will definitely walk away with many serious injuries or worse. They include:

  • Shattered bones
  • Punctured lungs
  • Death

What we want to do is prevent the high-rise syndrome from occurring at all costs. Afterall, our cats’ safety is our top priority as responsible cat owners.

2. Windows and potential problems

Why remove cats’ access to windows - invisible grille for cats

As if cat owners didn’t have enough to worry about, there are also plenty of other reasons why cats should be kept away from the window sill.

The window sill area gets really dirty. Many homeowners do not make an effort to wash the exteriors of their homes (I do not blame you; I don’t do it too). Can you imagine the amount of dust, dirt, and grime building up out there? The bird poop and the dried-up rainwater (which has lots of germs and bacteria) …

Window sills are usually secured with concrete and metal, which can be very slippery in comparison to the tree bark that cats’ like to climb. Your cat might have the sense to not jump off the ledge, but nothing is stopping them from slipping and falling once they are out there.

Accidents happen (on the cat owner’s part) - invisible grille for cats

I have had this happen to a friend before. She couldn’t find her cat in her home. She rightfully assumed that Lucky (the cat) was hiding somewhere and didn’t look for him in fear of disturbing him (they had multiple hiding spots to help him feel safe). She closed the windows to prepare for bed. Woke up hours later to furious yowling and was shocked to realize that she accidentally locked her cat outside.

Lucky did not make a single sound when she closed the windows. He was probably huddled out of sight at the very corner of the ledge. After this traumatic experience for both owner and cat, my friend never forgot to check and double-check the ledge every night. At least, until she tried our invisible grille for cats (scroll down to our recommended solutions below)!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-19 at 11.40.40 AM (1)

3. What cat owners can do


Common solutions – not recommended by Elelaurels

We can take our cats’ interest away from the window by removing all temptations. Like pasting opaque window stickers on the glass so cats cannot see through it. Or keeping the curtains or blinds drawn. But closed windows might disrupt air ventilation and blinds will prevent natural lighting from reaching in. Unless cat owners are willing to pay for air conditioning or lights 24/7, it simply isn’t a feasible solution in the long run.

You could try physically distracting your cat from the window. Like by purchasing ceiling-high cat trees and placing them in front of the television. Or many, many cat toys that will keep your cat entertained and distracted all day. Yet, your cat will eventually grow bored and be drawn to the window sill anyway.

Some cat owners have tried to train their cats by negative reinforcement. Citrus spray bottles or sharp verbal commands will deter cats from approaching the window. But again… it won’t work in the long run. Your cat might just come to fear your hand (which holds the citrus spray) or your voice, instead of learning to stay away from the window. Each cat responds differently, some cat owners will find this effective or not, so it might be better to find a method that doesn’t involve scaring your cat on a daily basis.

A more expensive but simple option is the use of specialized technology. Motion detection deterrents that will sense when your cat is near the window and respond with a sharp spray of gas. It might shock the cat but since you are not the one administering the ‘punishment’ it will eventually learn to avoid the window. Or it might think out of the box and find a way to avoid it, who knows.

Our solution (highly-recommended) - invisible grille for cats

Invisible grille for cats! We finally got to the main, most effective solution for cat owners. This is so much more reliable than the solutions mentioned above, but without all the negatives that come with it. It is very durable, bite and scratch proof, and long-lasting due to the excellent materials used to craft each invisible grille. It resists the scorching Singapore heat and is immune to corrosion. Oh also, it is an amazing safety feature!

We at Elelaurels, recommend an invisible grille for cats with a 1.5-inch to 2-inch gap for adults. And an invisible grille for cats with a 1.5-inch gap for the smaller ones (kittens) at least.

Traditional cat-proof grilles
There are normal cat-proof grilles that are not “invisible” but are black and thick and installed with 2 inches gap so it’s difficult for cats to squeeze through. They are not easy on the eyes. They block so much of the scenery outside and pretty much look like jail cells with how the grilles are structured.

Invisible Grilles for Cats, Cats Invisible Grilles Singapore – Elelaurels

Additional options to complement your invisible grille for cats include, a window-level platform or cat tree next to the window that cats can perch themselves on. This way, cats can sit safely while looking out from behind the invisible grille.

In summary, the invisible grille for cats:

  • Provides an amazing view for both cat and cat owner
  • Prevents cats and human families from falling from dangerous heights
  • Offers no restrictions to ventilation and natural lighting
  • Long-lasting
  • An amazing safety feature for the whole family

Elelaurels Invisible Grille Singapore - invisible grille price Singapore

Referred discounts – invisible grille price Singapore

This is possible! Do contact us with the link above for more info.

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